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Legacy Software Refactoring

In small and medium-sized companies, investments in software refactorings often are not considered until existing systems reach their capacity limits or break. Such behaviour of software systems is very common because software tends to grow over time.  And if they grow under pressure, they often grow unpredictably and become faulty.

Consequently, one encounters crashes, data loss and overall instability of the business-critical infrastructure. Difficult situations arise and extensive measures are undertaken to ensure the overall availability and operability, often at huge costs. As a result, the advancement of the system is impossible, because all time is spent on just keeping it "alive". Even minimal changes threaten the overall stability.

Under such circumstances, the system usually has to be refactored and replaced step by step, while remaining in operation. NAITCOs experience allows for simple, inexpensive and yet effective emergency actions, which usually improve the system's stability and raise the performance to an acceptable level. Then, a component-, feature- or service-wise replacement of the system can be done. During the ongoing renovation, even new features can be developed.

We have extensive expertise in carrying out such work. We have numerously helped to measurably improve systems' stability (and it's managers' satisfaction). An initial analysis, including the proposal of first steps, is undertaken free of charge.