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Process Consulting

We help you to optimize and align your business processes, such that

  • new resources (like new staff or service providers) can be deployed and rolled out quickly and with the least possible effort and expense, and
  • all resources, input and output, can be measured by clear and well-defined business key figures or key performance indicators (KPIs).

This applies in particular to all business-critical and IT-internal processes. Such optimized processes help you make changes to your human and IT infrastructure quickly and yet accurately and achieve a cost-effective allocation of all resources. 

Also, operational errors can be resolved systematically and planned changes to the infrastructure can easily be tied to their risk assessments. The result of good process consulting is a well-documented set of all internal and external processes and comparatively simple management of incidents and problems that may arise from service disruptions.

In particular, the ITIL ("IT Infrastructure Library") is a catalogue of solutions and best practices that enable you to deliver your services and services in high quality. Implementing them is part of our service management consulting.