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Project Management – "Get Things Done"

A successful project is supported primarily by good project management – after all, the entirety is more than just the sum of its parts.

We support you as a project manager by first carrying out a requirement and complexity analysis for your project. Afterwards, we recommend a project management method, support you in the necessary organizational infrastructure for the project manager (PM) and also work as a project manager ourselves.

The PM usually needs a comprehensive communication and coordination concept, which ensures that all project members and stakeholders can access and update all the information they need. That includes documentation tools such as wikis, document management and project management software. All tools help to mitigate the disruptive factors of every project that affect the magic triangle between time, cost expenditure and quality of work. 

A proper setup, meaning the overall agreement of all participants on the organizational methodologies and tools, is the first milestone in a project.

Depending on its complexity and size, a project is usually divided into phases, which in turn are split into individual subprojects with individual subproject managers. Its detailed schedule is the project plan.

The social skills of the project manager are most determining the success or failure of the project. Therefore, project management is more than just risk or opportunity management for us. Good project management is getting things done, while disruptions, conflicts and failures – that necessarily occur in the context of every project – are transformed to round out the project and to contribute to its success.

We are happy to assist you in both small, medium and large projects, and work according to your needs based on the waterfall, agile (Scrum) or the PRINCE2 paradigm.