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System adminstration and maintainance

Do you constantly have viruses and malware on your systems? Are your workstations slow to work with or is their network not working properly anymore? In such an event, we get your systems up-and-running again.

This includes extensive virus scans and their professional removal, potential data recovery as well as subsequent updates of the operating system, the firewall and the virus scanner. We also do forensics on how any malware made it into your company's environment and close the leaks we've found. 

We also take care of the maintenance of your network infrastructure (including all cable connections, printers, routers, switches, servers, and modems) to ensure optimum availability for all network services.

Your hardware may also require regular maintenance: The CPU or the main memory do not break, for example, due to dusted fans or old heat conductors. Sometimes it is also required to upgrade existing systems with more modern, capable and powerful components.

Under some circumstances, we offer remote maintenance (which substitutes onsite appointments), and we can do servicing and upgrades of your computers remotely from our office.