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Get more performance out of your infrastructure!

Especially with large infrastructures and heterogeneous setups, the interfaces of the components often give rise to problems, for example, the connection of database and application servers.

We perceive ourselves as experts in the field of performance optimization at all levels – from the physical infrastructure to the operating system, from the webserver to the application and the database.

This also applies in heterogeneous environments, where, for example, several operating systems like Windows and Linux interoperate. We review your architecture and quickly and comprehensively identify issues and related solutions. We suggest first steps that deliver measurable performance gains.

At any time, we have testing environments for all common programming languages, web and database servers. We can recompile them if necessary and thus tune the last bit of speed.

To determine the actual performance limits, we create load tests and simulate the simultaneous use of the application for any (high) number of concurrent users. Doing so, the limits of your hard- and software can be precisely determined and realistic measures for pushing them can be worked out. At the end of such a performance optimization, you always obtain comprehensive, written documentation of what has been analyzed and optimized.