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Mobile Apps

With smartphones, the usage of any internet service is shifting from desktops to mobile devices – always at hand to the customer, whether they are on the road, on the train or in a mountain lodge.

In 2017, there were about 2.4 billion smartphone users worldwide, with a yet rising tendency.

Be it mails, news or traffic connections – the possibilities of mobile devices are unlimited. Products, services or other business models become available to the customer practically anytime and anywhere, always in the context of the user's current whereabouts.

This targets all existing applications for transferral to the mobile world, making use of specially optimized mobile applications ("apps"), that support all cellular devices and variants, and are specially optimized for use on mobile networks.

With fifeteen of years of experience in developing apps on all major platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), we have not only developed the technical capabilities but also own numerous generations of devices, that allow for intensive testing.