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Conceptual Consulting – The next big thing?

You have a good idea on your mind, but no clue or technical knowledge to shift it to a turnkey concept?

Even then, we may be a good partner to you. An idea – be it just a small bit – undergoes a creative and conceptual process, which both formalizes and refines the concept step-by-step. 

In addition to working out the functional requirements, we also help you to round off the concept. We also consider economic aspects, the business value, the time-to-market and the corresponding costs. All these aspects finally become part of a specification, which can be used to assess the approximate costs for the concept's realization.

If you want to formalize a concept yourself, you may find our suggestions for concepts helpful. If you already have a concept settled and just want to get in touch for cost estimation, simply send us a confidentiality statement to sign. This will enable a confidential exchange of thoughts and ideas.