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Cost Consulting and Cut Costs

Especially in economic crises, IT managers are called upon to continuously cut IT costs. However, such cuts must not have negative impacts on business process support and customer satisfaction.

To achieve sustainable cost cuts, it is essential to establish continuous improvements in the efficiency of IT processes. It should include the following considerations: 

  • IT procurement management establishes a continuous review of conditions for investments and their optimization by "pooling".
  • IT partner management involves a continuous review of the level of performance, process efficiency, quality and cost of existing service contracts with your service providers.
  • IT infrastructure optimization means implementing appropriate ITIL alignment of IT operations, continuous improvement of IT processes (i.e. by establishing KPIs) and optimization of your IT infrastructure based on the latest technologies (for example, through virtualization and consolidation of server processes, thin clients, cloud computing, SaaS, etc.)

Applied properly, disciplines of procurement management, partner management and infrastructure optimization can save to up to 30% of the total IT costs.