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Linux Consulting

Over the past decades, Linux distributions have grown tremendously in end-user capabilities, such as ease of use, accessibility, and simplicity. The attributes of security, stability, and independence have ever since been associated with Linux and have grown in their importance, especially in interconnected-networked environments.

While Linux is widely and extensively used (and sometimes the de-facto standard) on servers, mobile phones, routers, netbooks, multimedia devices and supercomputers, modern Linux distributions are increasingly interesting for end-users (and also private users). 

Especially the popularity of the Linux Mint and the Ubuntu distributions, with their near-to-immunity to viruses, their easy installation and thousands of free programs available have the potential of tremendous cost savings. These savings affect, among others, procurement, licensing and maintenance. Their competitiveness with Windows and macOS – both for in-home and business environments – is nowadays obvious:

  • They increase the overall level of security and reduce the cost of software licenses to zero. 
  • They reduce the dependence and susceptibility of proprietary systems, while themselves being maintained by a community of thousands of developers around the world.

We have supported companies and private users in their transition to Linux since 2005 and have obtained extensive expertise not only in the configuration of server environments but especially in the use of the application workstations. If you are tired of slow operating systems that need reinstallation every year, Linux is your choice.