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Data Recovery

We recover your data in case of data loss, for example, if:

  • data is accidentally deleted or the hard disk is formatted,
  • the hard drive is making overly-loud noise or clatter, thus indicating it's sooner-or-later failure,
  • the structure of the hard drive is damaged, e.g. after a fall or after exposure to water,
  • there is a virus attack,
  • or your system is damaged.

In such an event, please do not continue to use the storage media. Do not try to open the hard disk or storage medium yourself. Do not re-install any programs, but keep the power off, because even the slightest write access of the medium may lead to more data being damaged. This could make recovery more complicated or even impossible. Please contact us, and after a short analysis, you will receive a fixed price offer for speedy data recovery.