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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The optimization on search engines and constant fight for the highest possible ranking is nowadays foundation for being found and attracting customers on the internet.

Search engine optimization encompasses the following best practices:

  • The use of common analysis tools (Google Analytics, Piwik)
  • Keyword research: It answers the question "who is looking for what and where" and provides a good starting point for one's own keyword design.
  • Analysis and optimization of the source code: If it is standard-compliant, the site has better chances to be ranked higher.
  • Internal linking analysis: Links within your page must be meaningful, contextual and "speaking". This includes also the creation of a sitemap.
  • Adapting the page to the search engine standards: Certain information can be embedded in HTML and enables search engines to index content more effectively.
  • Building Backlinks: If another site recommends you, both you and the other are ranked better if you backlink your recommender.
  • Evaluation of visitor behavior: Which parts of the website are particularly frequented and which are not - and why?
  • Landing pages for certain subsets of your portfolio may catch certain users and lead them to your company page.