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Training, teaching and coaching

Computer and internet are more and more permeating our daily lives nowadays. At the same time, the performance and potential applications of modern computer programs are becoming ever more complex.

Extensive computer skills are indispensable in today's business world – and often also a prerequisite for starting an apprenticeship or job.

Here we offer help in the form of the following courses and computer training, for example on the following topics:

  • Basics: computers, operating systems and the internet
  • Word processing: MS Office Word, Outlook and Excel
  • Text processing with LaTeX
  • Content Management with Typo3 and Wordpress
  • Networks for beginners and advanced
  • Basics of programming in Java, Javascript or PHP
  • Basics of database programming in SQL
  • Photo editing with Gimp, Inkscape or the Adobe Suite
  • Various topics on management, HR, organisation, controlling and business: Conflict management, resiliance, employee reviews,  communication skills, working atmosphere.

The duration of a course is variable and depends on your requirements. Upon request, we can also carry out our training and courses in your company environment.

We also coach young or seasoned IT professionals and pass over our knowledge to others.